About KCS

Kansas City Southern has been unique since its beginning in 1887. The earliest American railroads ran from east to west, but Kansas City Southern founder Arthur E. Stillwell had a different vision. He imagined a railroad that ran from north to south, transporting grain, coal, and lumber across America’s heartland and eventually into Mexico and beyond.

The Kansas City Southern Railway Company, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is the smallest of the seven Class I railroads operating in the United States. Kansas City Southern de Mexico is one of two large regional railroads in Mexico. Together, the two railroads link the United States and Mexico with 7,100 miles of track and provide service to 12 Gulf ports and one Pacific Ocean port. We transport just about anything you can think of: auto parts, agricultural products, consumer goods, and much more.

Kansas City Southern Fast Facts:

  • Founded: 1887
  • Route Miles: 7,100 throughout US and Mexico
  • Employees: Over 7,000 across the US and Mexico
  • Locomotives: 957
  • Freight Cars: 17,110

Learn about Arthur E. Stilwell and his vision of a railroad that would run north and south instead of east and west across the United States and into Mexico. It’s the story of forging strategic connections and creating a legacy of forward thinking that helps define Kansas City Southern today.