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First-Line Field Operations

Our operating employees are divided among three departments: Engineering, Mechanical, and Transportation. All three are essential in keeping our trains moving safely and efficiently. Read on to learn what each department does and which position could be right for you.


Kansas City Southern trains travel on 7,100 miles of track throughout the US and Mexico. We rely on our engineering employees to maintain and repair all tracks, bridges, and other structures along the right of way.

  • Bridge: Works with a team to maintain and repair bridge structures.
  • Foreman: Leads a team of employees to maintain and repair track and structures.
  • Machine Operator: Operates machinery to maintain or repair track and structures.
  • Signal Maintainer: Inspects, maintains, repairs and replaces signal and communication systems on the track.
  • Track Laborer: Works in a team that maintains and repairs tracks and structures.


Mechanical employees maintain and repair Kansas City Southern’s 957 locomotives and more than 17,110 freight cars.

  • Boilermaker: Welds and repairs locomotive car-body and frame.
  • Carman: Inspects, maintains, and repairs railcars. Performs air brake tests on trains and troubleshoots any needed repairs. Job may require using a cutting torch and performing welding to repair items.
  • Electrician: Inspects, maintains, repairs, and troubleshoots all electrical and computer systems on locomotives.
  • Laborer: Builds locomotive consists, cleans and supplies locomotives and facilities, and fuels locomotives.
  • Machinist: Inspects, maintains, repairs, and troubleshoots operation of the diesel engine, including air brakes.


Our transportation employees are responsible for the movement of trains and cars that carry products to yards and customers across the nation.

  • Conductor: Responsible for classification of rail cars and assembling of trains and serves as the administrative supervisor of the line of road trains. Responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous freight.
  • Locomotive Engineer: Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of locomotives and the handling of materials in a train’s consist to its destination. Handles and moves rail equipment for classification in a yard environment.
  • Remote Control Operator: Responsible for classification of rail cars, aligning switches and derails, radio communication, and safe operation of remote control locomotives.
  • Train Dispatcher: Manages train service employees on the line of road. Safely manages train traffic, bulletin updates, and radio communication.
  • Yardmaster: Oversees the rail car classification process in a yard and the building of line of road trains. Acts as the first-line supervisor of yard crews.

Operations Management

Operations management employees lead our teams of first-line field operations employees in the Engineering, Mechanical, and Transportation departments. Search our current openings to see if there is an operations management position that matches your experience and skills.

KCS operations management employees have the opportunity to participate in the Operations Essential Leadership Program, which helps to develop a bridge between technical knowledge and communication skills. Participants learn how to give effective feedback, lead a culture of safety, and support the values of KCS.

Corporate Careers

We hire professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields to work at our corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri and in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Mexico City. Our departments include Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Legal, Accounting, Information Technology, and much more. Search our current openings to see if we have a corporate position that matches your skills and career goals.

Here at KCS, we want to promote career growth by providing opportunities for education and training. Our LEAD program, for example, helps participants develop leadership skills and prepare for positions of greater responsibility by rotating through three different KCS departments over three years.